With the increasing number of candidates and the shortage of time, the use of Telephonic Interview is becoming quite popular these days. More and more companies are using it to shortlist their candidates as a preliminary round. But not many people are aware or accustomed to this kind of interaction. We therefore want our readers to understand this process as well as to help them prepare for it.
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The good thing about telephonic interviews is that you are not going to be tested for your technical skills. The focus would rather be given on your communication skills. Also they want to see how much you are interested in joining the company. So you are suggested to do a little research about the company you are applying for.

Preparation for the Telephonic Interview:
  • The most important thing is to ensure that your phone is working properly.
  • Keep your resume and all other documents, along with a pen ready with you.
  • Ensure that there won't be any distractions such as TV, music, other phones/mobiles, kids etc.
  • Be prepared to answer the common questions such as your strengths, weaknesses, why you want to join the company? (That is when your research about the company is going to help you) etc.
  • You can also record and listen to your voice when you practice for the interview, so that you can work on the faults, if any.
  • Keep with you, a glass of water and any other things which you may need, as you are not expected to      take any break in between the call.

During the interview:

  • Ask the interviewer’s name in the beginning as you introduce yourself.
  • Speak very clearly and at slow pace, and try to give 'to the point' answers.
  • Listening carefully is very important, so let the interviewer complete before you speak.
  • Smile. It will give you a positive tone and make you sound cheerful and confident.
  • Be courteous and polite. Don't use unprofessional language.
  • Sip water from time to time, it will help you stay calm.
  • Never eat or chew on anything.
  • Avoid using words you don't quite know how to pronounce; the only thing that matters is that you speak clearly and sound confident.
  • If you need some time to think over an answer then ask the interviewer. It's better than an awkward silence on the phone.
  • Don't let anyone guide you and better be alone during the interview, in order to avoid confusions.
  • Keep some good questions in mind in case, the interviewer asks you for any questions or doubts towards the conclusion of the interview.
  • Remember to thank the interviewer in the end and find out about the next stage in the selection process.
Keeping these points in mind you can easily get through the telephonic interviews.

Good luck!!

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  1. Good tips, being very useful and informative. I would surely keep this tips in mind when i am attending phone interview.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.. All the best :)


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