GATE is becoming more and more competitive as the number of graduates taking the exam across the country is rising every year. Qualifying the GATE examination, a few years back, would have gotten you a seat in a prestigious Engineering Institute such as IITs/NITs/IISC for higher education/PG. But today, in addition to that, a high GATE score will get you a job in PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings). And this is the reason for this sudden rise in popularity of GATE in last few years.

Seeing the high rate of rising number of candidates, the organizing committee of GATE has decided to make some changes in the examination pattern. Here's what you need to know about the exam, this year:

1.      Online Calculator

·         You won’t be able to carry your own calculators to the exam, this year.

·         Instead you have to use a virtual online calculator available during the exam on the system.

·         Candidates can check and practice it here.

2. Changes in GATE Syllabus:

·         GATE syllabus has been revised for some papers.

·         So expect minor changes in the syllabi of some of the papers.

·         You can download the latest syllabus here.

3. New GATE Paper:

·         Introduction of a new Paper “Petroleum Engineering” has been made this year.

·         This paper will be also be conducted online.

·         So the total count becomes 23 as compared to 22 papers last year.

4. Provision of GATE 2016 Answer Key:

·         The Answer Key will be made available to you, shortly after the completion of the exam.

·         You can challenge the Answer Key within a specified time.

·         However, this facility of challenging the Answer Key will be provided on payment of a nominal fee to be specified by IISc Bangalore.

 While we are at it, you should also check Important dates for GATE 2016.

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  1. Anonymous9:22 am

    very helpful. pls share mock test papers also

  2. Anonymous10:00 am

    how can i practice virtual calculator


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