Group Discussion Tips - How to prepare for GD

Group discussion (GD) is used by most of the companies today, for screening the candidates in the hiring process. Besides they are also conducted by UPSC, CAT, and several other prestigious organizations throughout the country. In this article, you can find out all you need to know in order to perform well in a GD.

Group Discussion Tips

It is important to understand the format of GD. What people don't understand is that GD is different from a Debate. Often, people start fighting over a discussion. GD is not about proving your own point of view.  It is more about showing your team-building and leadership skills.  The participants are expected to work as a team and reach a unanimous result/conclusion. 

There is no need to use a very complicated language. What’s important is that you reflect confidence in whatever you say. It helps to have a sound knowledge of current affairs as well as the topics which are relevant for the GD. Read more about 50 common GD topics.

If you are preparing for a GD, here are some points to keep in mind:


You get a single chance to prove yourself, and certainly, you don’t want to ruin it. So start practicing with your friends, for the common topics asked in a GD.

Dress properly

Follow a proper dress code while going for the group discussion. Read more about the dress code for an interview in India.

Listen to the topic carefully

When the topic is being explained listen carefully. Unless you fully understand the topic you cannot start a discussion on it.

Quick Notes

Note down the points which come to your mind and you are planning to say. Don’t forget to carry a pen and paper with you. Also, be prepared to handle the counter-questions which may come to you.

Initiate the GD

Starting the discussion draws everyone’s attention towards you and certainly helps you score more. But don’t do it just for the sake of starting the GD. If you start it, ensure that you have properly understood the topic, and you are making a valuable contribution to the discussion.

Eye contact

Maintain proper eye contact with all the participants while you speak. Also while you are listening, maintain eye contact with the person who is speaking and listen attentively.

Body Language

You are required to have a proper posture in a GD. Small things like the way you sit and the way you contribute to the discussion are also observed. Avoid minor distractions during the discussion e.g. sudden noise coming from the locality or someone entering the room. Don’t hold anything (like a pen) in your hand as you may unconsciously start playing with it and lose your focus.

Strong points

Try to raise strong points, which take the discussion in the right direction. Also, be prepared to support and justify your points with logic when required.

Speak clearly

As mentioned before, there is no need to use a very complex language. But whatever you speak, speak very clearly.

Don’t be aggressive

It's okay to have a contradictory opinion to someone. But you should maintain decorum and politeness while disagreeing with him. Never be aggressive.


Listening to others is also an important skill. You don’t want to lose track of the discussion. Otherwise, you may end up mentioning a point that has already been quoted, proving that you were not attentive to what others were saying.

Time doesn't matter

It's not necessary to speak or long durations. Rather speak sensibly and raise only those points which are relevant to the discussion.

Keeping these points in mind you can easily score good points in a GD. Just be confident and you will be able to perform well. If you ever feel nervous, take a few deep breaths and you will see it disappear in no time. Also, go through 50 common GD topics and 10 Common GD Mistakes.

Wish you all the best.

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