Finding a job during coronavirus lockdown in India

Getting a job in covid 19 lockdown - Fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a large number of job losses due to the biggest economic slowdown ever. As many unemployed people are struggling to find a job in the market, it is important to make sure that you are doing an efficient job search, and going in the right direction.

Where to find jobs

Where to find jobs during coronavirus lockdown

You should start by updating your profile on top job portals such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Naukri Indeed, etc. The next step would be applying for job openings matching your skill sets. You can also directly apply from the career section of some companies' websites.

Which companies to look for

Which companies to look for during coronavirus

Not all companies are suffering losses. In fact, coronavirus has led to a growth in the business of some companies. Pharmaceutical, biomedical companies have seen major growth. Also, those working in the field of gaming, e-commerce, video streaming are hiring employees to meet the increased demand in their services. The requirement of teaching jobs and video tutorials has also increased.

Be an opportunist

Skill development during coronavirus lockdown

When you get time from applying to jobs, dedicate it to enhance your skills. The internet is full of paid as well as free resources to acquire new skills and brushing up the existing ones. Portals like Udemy, LinkedIn learning, Youtube tutorials, Pluralsight, BYJU's, Unacaedemy, etc are some of the options worth referring to. When we talk about skills, it is not just your technical skills but also soft skills as they play a significant role in getting hired.


Networking for finding job during coronavirus lockdown

Making contacts and building relationships can prove to be quite effective in your job search. It can help you obtain referrals and escalating the hiring process. Contact relevant people in your network who can help you provide work-related opportunities. Put time into cultivating and maintaining your network.

Be responsive

Be responsive to recruiters for finding jobs

Apply for job openings as early as possible. Monitor your emails and reply to them at the earliest. Answer your phone calls promptly and check it frequently for any missed calls. This might be from a recruiter for a job opportunity.

Be prepared for remote hiring processes

video call job interview

Because of the lockdown imposed due to the pandemic, companies are adopting completely remote hiring processes. Prepare yourself for Telephonic and Video call interviews. If you have remote interview calls scheduled, make sure that your phone and computer are working properly. An internet connection with good bandwidth will help you have an uninterrupted interview process.

Freelancing and part-time jobs

If you are getting some free time from your job preparation, you can dedicate it to freelancing or part-time jobs. You will learn new things and also avoid gaps in your experience on the resume.

Getting a job in Covid 19 lockdown

I hope these points will help you in your job search during the lockdown.
Comment below and tell us which sectors you will prefer to work in after the pandemic.


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