How to prepare for campus placement in one month?

How to prepare for campus placement in one month?

Your final year has started and companies have started visiting your college for placements. This is the time to give your best. This is the opportunity to get an offer from one of your dream companies with the best salary packages. So we are going to prepare a strategy to prepare for your campus placement in one month (30 days). Go through the steps below to start your preparation.

Day 1 to 20

Work on your communication skills

Work on your communication skills. This will help you in the interview rounds. Most companies have HR rounds where they test your communication skills. Moreover, this will also help you speak fluently in the technical rounds of interview. Focus on areas like Grammar, Vocabulary, and Comprehension analysis.


Pick a programming language you are most comfortable in and start writing code. Although this section is relevant for CS and IT branches only, but these days students from core branches also apply for IT companies. Most students prefer C, C++, or python these days. Solve more and more data structures and algorithms problems. Important areas to be covered are Arrays, Hash Tables, Linked Lists, Trees, Stacks, Queues, etc.

Practice Aptitude Tests

Every company that visits a college for hiring asks aptitude questions in the initial rounds. So this part is important. Practice aptitude questions every day. Solve as many questions as possible. This will improve your speed. Cover basic mathematics like Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Divisibility, Numbers, Time, Speed and Distance, Permutation and Combinations, Probability, HCF and LCM, etc

Practice Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning questions are also asked in the assessment tests. Topics like Blood Relations, Assertion and Reason, Analogies, Cause & Effect, Number Series, Letter Series, Verbal Classification, Statement and Assumptions, Image Series, Picture Analogies, Rule Detection, Construction of Shapes, etc. are asked under this section.


Some companies ask puzzles in the interview. You can check the hiring format of the company in advance, and prepare for puzzles if required.

Practice Aptitude Tests, coding and reasoning for campus placement

Day 21 to 30

Make an appealing Resume

Your resume can make you stand out from others. So spend some time on it. You may like to read How to make a resume for a fresher.

Prepare for Group Discussion

Group discussion is an important round. You can try to find out common topics asked in GD and practice with your friends. You may also like to read about the preparation strategies for GD and the common mistakes candidates make in a GD.

Research the company

Do background research on the company you will be interviewing for. It shows your desire in joining the company as well as helps answer some questions in the interview. Read more about Why and what should I research about the company before an interview?

Plan your dress code for the interview

Decide what you will be wearing for the interview, and arrange them in advance. It is advisable to keep an extra set of clothes. You might need it if multiple interviews are scheduled on the same day. You may also like to read about the Interview dress code for females and males in India.

Prepare for HR Interview

HR round is the final round of hiring of the hiring process. If you crack it, the job is yours. So practice for some commonly asked questions in the HR interview. Learn how to introduce yourself. Be calm and confident, and give your best. You will definitely clear the HR round.


Revise what you learned in the first 20 days. Practice solving sample test papers in a fixed time frame. This will improve your speed and help you in cracking the written rounds.

Keeping these points in mind, you can prepare for your campus placement. If this article helped you in your preparation, share it with your friends.

Comment below and tell us how you prepare for the recruitment processes.


  1. how can i practice aptitude questions?

  2. Inter view is really Important part of selection process and I have a hack for it you need to write a journal about everything you have done since your birth in a timeline order then things become clear to you why something is important and what drives you to do this. This why you will take less amount of time while thinking in the interview.

  3. Nice article. Thanks for the information


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